Why Turkish Leather Shoes are Famous Around the World?

Turkey is known for its high-quality leather products. It is considered the second-best in Europe after Italy to proudly produce some of world’s finest leather. The Turks have been producing leather products since the 12th century. Today, Turkey has 13 leather industries that use modern techniques to process the best leather in the world.

Turkey entered the leather and fashion industry years ago and have earned a great reputation in the international market. Turkey was recognized for its craftsmanship after they participated in the fair organized by APLF (Asian Pacific Leather Fair) in Hong Kong. The Turkish leather brands and Turkish designers together attracted important buyers and sellers from the world leather market. According to the Leather Manufacturers' Association, in the past 5 years, Turkey's leather sector has grown by 80 percent.

If we jot down the most famous leather products that the world loves, it will be Turkish leather shoes. Some of the most important features of these shoes is that they never lack comfort, anyone can love putting their feet in them. They are found everywhere in Turkey, including local and branded shops. No design resembles the other, each pair is made different from the other. People from all around the world travel to get their pairs from the local and branded shops in Turkey. Their production is carried out according to the European standards and eco-friendly methods are utilized. The Turks have worked hard to ensure that the leather they produce is not just good quality but also user friendly.

Today, we can find tons of brands for Turkish leather shoes in different countries being supplied under well-known brands. If we look around for Turkish leather shoes in Pakistan then we can only find them in Oxygen Shoes. Oxygen Shoes in Pakistan is known for producing the best Turkish leather shoes since the year 1999. It has earned a name for its signature leather and flawless craftsmanship. Over 2 decades, the brand has served customers with comfortable shoes made from the guidance and craftsmanship of Pakistan’s finest footwear experts. Shopping for the right shoes means you need to have more than just fashion in mind. Getting a wrong pair of shoes can cause blood circulation disorders, ingrown nails, or bending fingers.

We often end up buying good looking shoes, neglecting the fact that how they would feel on our feet. It is important to us how attractive and fashionable the shoes look. However, we should choose our footwear with cautiousness, as our health depends on what we wear. Oxygen offers a huge variety of Turkish Leather shoes for men. Men's shoes are one of the most important part of their personality. Here are some shoe designs to consider from Oxygen’s collection, if you are planning to add a new member to your shoe collection.So, every man should own at least one pair of formals, they go well with a tux, jeans and suit. Casuals go well with narrow jeans, khakis and shorts. Sneakers/Joggers look good with chinos, jeans, shorts, linens and trousers Loafers are best to wear with chinos, shorts and casual wear. Oxygen has been producing and providing original Turkish leather since 1999. It brings a variety of footwear products for men, women, and accessories such as leather handbags and belts. Turkish leather defines uniqueness. The shoes are exceptionally classy, comfortable, and stylish. Oxygen has been manufacturing these shoes for over 20 years in Pakistan and is amongst the top brands that sell high quality leather shoes in Pakistan.