How Footwear Choices Reflect Your Personality

Shoes make one of the most essential items of your outfit. They not only bring out your mood for the occasion, but also tell a lot about your personality. Yes, shoe gazing is a real thing and it can allow the person to identify the wearer’s personality just by looking at them.

According to a 2012 study published by in the Journal of Research Personality, 90% of people’s personality becomes apparent by their choice of shoes. If you want to be known for more than what meets the eye, picking the right shoes is imperative for your lifestyle. There is a well-researched criterion of finding people’s personalities from their footwear choices, and most of the times it turns out to be accurate. For example, expensive shoes are worn by high-earners, flashy and colorful shoes are generally owned by extroverts, and ankle boots belong to people with more aggressive personalities. Similarly, people with calm personalities choose uncomfortable-looking shoes while brand new and well-maintained shoes were found with people who had “attachment anxiety”

Classy Shoes

Buying right pair of shoes reflects a great deal about how you perceive yourself, and what you expect from your surroundings. A classy pair of oxford shoes for example will not only require an occasionally suitable outfit, but also demand certain behavioral qualities from the wearer. When you wear them, they speak volumes about your lifestyle choices and leave strong impressions.


Practical shoes such as flats and comfortable sneakers reveal that the person’s tendencies of being agreeable. Not surprisingly, many people who wear sneakers are found to be quite reasonable in their daily interactions and spend a lot of time in helping others.

Tall Heels

On the other hand, people also like wearing shoes that are rather uncomfortable, but not unforgiving. The study showed that people with calm personalities like wearing ornamental and sophisticated shoes. Many celebrities that often wear uncomfortable shoes have been found to have exceptionally zen personalities even though their outfits tell otherwise.

Colorful Shoes

While it is a common perception that colorful and bright shoes only attract artistic people, anyone who is socially confident can wear them. Extroverts are often the life of a party and their outgoing characteristics and vibrant nature thrives on interaction. This is why most extroverts like color rich, flamboyant and descriptive shoes.

Old Shoes

Finally, there is another type of people who make informed purchase decisions about their footwear and keep their shoes in impeccable condition. Shoes in good condition indicate a conscious owner who make sentimental attachments with items. They often keep their footwear in immaculate condition and never take the risk of wearing them in rainy days or sporting events.

Final Word

Footwear has served a very important role in human history. They have been worn for luxury, recreational, military, and practical purposes since ancient times. Their contribution in identifying a person’s character is almost natural as people still tend to wear them synchronously with their personality types. If you want to look good and keep your couture balanced with your footwear, always buy from good footwear brand that offers high quality shoes with great value.